About Us

About us

Welcome to Maroudas Rentals

Our car rental agency is a family-run business located in the Laganas area of the wonderful island of Zakynthos and a part of the Garden Palace Hotel. The agency is right next to the hotel, catering to both hotel guests and independent visitors of Zakynthos by providing new car, quad bike and Vespa models that meet all safety standards and carry the necessary certificates. Within the context of providing excellent rental services, we are always on-site to personally attend to customers. We offer the best possible assistance in their search for the right vehicle to suit their needs through a multitude of vehicles available at the venue for them to browse through.

Our vission

Our Vission

Having gained a considerable amount of experience in the field of hospitality, we noticed a significant lack of vehicle rental options in the area. Consequently, driven by the high demand and the inability to find solutions, we founded Maroudas Rentals, aiming to deliver the highest quality service and an outstanding experience on our island for all guests. Whether they are families, groups of friends or solo travelers, it is our absolute pleasure to be able to supply the ideal vehicle to each one, as this is our mission. At the same time, we remain by our customers’ side to offer whatever guidance they may need, as well as advice for maximum safety during their excursions in Zakynthos.

the agency

The Agency

Our agency is located in the Laganas area of Zakynthos, right next to the Garden Palace Hotel. It is approximately 7 km away from the Port of Zakynthos and 5 km away from the Airport. Furthermore, it should be noted that right next to the entrance of the agency there is an ATM machine for the optimal convenience of our customers. Maroudas Rentals is open between 8:30 am and 12:00 midnight, although vehicle deliveries can be carried out earlier or at a different time upon prior arrangement.